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NEXT CLASS: April 25, 2016


WHO: Dogs six months and older OR graduates of Puppy Kindergarten classes - (if under 6 months of age)

WHAT: Basic dog training is geared towards dogs with little or no prior obedience training and/or very few manners!!  We will concentrate on two areas: Learning Basic Obedience Skills (i.e. sit, down, stay, walking on a leash, coming when called/recalls); and on Improvement of Social Skills (i.e. jumping up, barking, destructive behavior, housetraining, general unruliness). The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is given at the end of the course.

HOW: Hands on Training will include demonstrations, learning through games and agility, and lecture. 

WHEN: Evenings for 8 weeks, please contact for current dates and times.

WHERE: My home in Oulu (Iron River), classes will be held outdoors on gravel driveway/yard.

      ***training surface may be bumpy/rough!***

 COST: $95.00 for 8 week session---Class size is limited to 8 dogs with handlers. 

 INSTRUCTOR: Cathy Ulfers Johnson, Certified Veterinary Technician of Iron River has around 30 years experience with personal dog training; 18 years puppy obedience instruction; and 30 years experience of working with dogs!

Contact Info:

Cathy Ulfers Johnson

P.O. Box 427

Iron River, WI, 54847

715-372-8359 or 715-292-3966