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            Allergy Medication for Your Pet 
Available Over the Counter
 *Remember to only use one at a time.
*Doses are approved for Canine (dog) patients only*
(please consult a veterinary professional for feline (cat) dosages)
Benadryl (Diphenhydramine)- available in 25 and 50mg tablets
                                                 or 12.5mg/5ml liquid
        Dosage: <25#-25 mg every 8 hours
                         25-50#- 50 mg every 8 hours
                         50-100#- 100mg every 8 hours 
Claritin (Loratidine)- available in 10 or 40mg tablets
          Dosage:      <15#-   5mg once daily
                                15-39#- 10 mg once daily
                                 >40#-   10 mg twice daily (every 12 hours)
Chlor-trimeton (Chlorpheniramine)- available in 2 and 4 mg tablets
                                                           or 2mg/5ml liquid
           Dosage:    <25#-    2mg twice daily (every 12 hours)
                               25-50#- 4mg twice daily (every 12 hours)
                               50-100#- 8mg twice daily (every 12 hours)